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The Plays

In 2006 Caitlin co-created an intensive workshop for middle school students called “Lightspeed Theater,” which brought together playwrights, actors, and directors, all of middle school age, to write, produce, and perform one-act plays in just four days. The boundless creative energy that her students brought to the process kindled in Caitlin an understanding of how vital theater can be for middle school students on their road to self-discovery. Caitlin has carried that understanding into the creation of every play in the Lightspeed Theater Collection. 
Each play in some way explores the facets of personal identity, a fundamental aspect of the middle school experience. Through their characters’ struggles students have the opportunity to grapple with issues ranging from body image and gender stereotypes to inclusivity and the need to belong, and the theater environment provides them with a safe community where they can hone their skills and stretch beyond their comfort zones as they tackle these issues. It is not only the student actors who will benefit, but the students in the audience as well. When performed these plays are designed to raise questions and open doors for school-wide discussions on the topics that matter most to middle schoolers and educators alike. 

“Caitlin's plays are delightfully entertaining and thought provoking in terms of subject manner.  They can be entered into on many levels and appeal to a wide range of ages.  The subject matter touches on issues that are integral to the adolescent world and relevant to human beings of all ages.  She has a way of humorously addressing difficult concepts and providing performers with material that allows them to examine and understand cultural, social and personal values.”  

Annie Dwyer

Dance Teacher

Carolina Friends School

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