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Bring Lightspeed Theater to Your Students!

Scripts, Packages, and Prices

Licenses for scripts are available for purchase on an individual basis or in packages of multiple scripts at a discount. All script licenses are priced at a flat rate for a term of seven years, rather than priced by individual performance. Your school or organization can perform the play as many times as desired within the seven year period of the license you purchased. Licenses are purchased by the organization itself and scripts cannot be shared with other organizations or individuals outside of purchasing organization.


Caitlin is also available to write work on commission for any school or organization given at least six months notice. Plays can be written centered on a particular theme, special event/anniversary, or specific group of students. Caitlin will consult with teachers and students as a part of the play development process, and is also available for rehearsal consultations and post-performance “Talk-Backs” at an additional cost.




1 Play                                     $300


2 Plays                                   $550


3 Plays                                   $800


Play on Commission              $500


Rehearsal Consultation/

Talk-Back                               $100/event plus travel expenses

Requesting a Script Sample

Script samples are available for each play, to help you determine which script you would like to purchase and to give you a sense of the writing and tone of each piece. To request a sample, email Caitlin at

How Purchasing Works

When you are ready to purchase, contact Caitlin at and specify which script(s) you would like to purchase. You will then receive a Licensing Agreement within five business days. After you have signed the agreement, returned it to Caitlin, and paid the script fee through this website, you will receive electronic copies of your purchased script(s) via email within five business days of payment.

Commissioning an Original Play

To inquire about a personalized, commissioned piece for your school or organization, contact Caitlin at to schedule a free consultation.

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