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"Caitlin’s work and scripts are authentic. I’ve been in two shows of hers, and she really understands what it feels like to be a middle schooler. Caitlin writes natural scripts that create empathy for her characters. I could identify with the characters that I played, even if they were in a science fiction or fantasy genre. They are characters going through similar struggles I was undergoing in middle school, with all the tough and awkward interactions of that age. Caitlin finds a way to make her work relatable to an audience that adults often find difficult to properly relate to. That gift makes her a outstanding writer."

Madison Chandler


Carolina Friend School

The middle school years are a unique time of intense change, growth, and transformation. Rapid physical changes, increased cognitive sophistication, and complex social emotional shifts make the needs of the young adolescent challenging to address and support. Theater offers an exceptional avenue for supporting the rapidly growing and changing middle schooler.

“There is a dearth of plays for middle school actors and audiences, that speak to their social and cultural realities. Caitlin Prillaman is an extraordinary playwright who develops scripts which engage cast members and excite teen audiences. Compelling plots, fully-developed characters, universal messages, her plays provide rich dramatic experiences for both actors and viewers. Highly recommended!”

Mig Little Hayes

Middle and Upper School Librarian and Teacher

Carolina Friends School

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